Hey everybody. Thanks for stopping by. Yes...I admit it...I'm addicted to Destiny. I've been playing this game since year one, and haven't looked back since. I'm a huge fan of running through the Raids, but I also have recently taken a liking to the pvp side of the game, even though I'm not the greatest at it. The social side of this game is what does it for me. Rolling with cool, casual, down to earth like-minded people is by far and away the best. No rage quitting, or getting bent outta shape if your teammate dies...it's a game...relax and enjoy it! I'm in clan called the "Stran9e Guardians" who roll the same way, and perfectly fit that bill. If you feel the same way, join up with us. Were always looking for more who "get it"



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profanity ok, pve, college student


pve, pvp, parent, somewhat obsessive completionist


sherpa, stran9e guardian mod, raid vet, pvp dummie, profanity encouraged

vog, raid, #neversupremacy, profanity ok, pve, pvp

warlock titan hunter, chill, microphone

black spindle, titan, hunter, warlock, touch of malic, pve


brand holder, sherpa, relic runner, pve, hunter, warlock