I'm down for most things. In D1 I liked raids, strikes, some crucible modes. ln D2 I am still learning the finer details but have completed the raid. I am willing to do my part. I am a quest completionist but also only half-serious. Not a try-hard, but sometimes you hitch up your sweaty britches to get the job done. In D1 I preferred bubble titan. ToM, BS, Gally, DVD PGP STDs, etc... In D2 Im still figuring out what I like.

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xbox one, pve, microphone


profanity ok, pve, chill


Champion of the POG

siege operator, titan pilot, purge the xenos, titan master race, profanity ok, pve

Ghost Hero 76

profanity ok, microphone, xbox one, parent


sherpa, titan, raider, xbox one

Make Shoot Of

black lives matter


microphone, pacific time zone


pvp, raid rookie, pve, profanity preferred


pve, pvp, laid back, parent, profanity ok