Wednesday is my usual day for Destiny and playing with a mic. Rest of the week I will be on but no mic



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  • 04:00 PM EDT - THU 04/08
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Fresh run have clears KWTD


bubblebro, defender, ps4, titan, hulksmash

patient, easy going, profanity ok


warlock, hunter, titan, well-endowed and all around ass kicker, shit talker extraordinaire, no fucking profanity


sherpa, microphone, black spindle, pve, pvp, parent


parent, weekly challenges, pve, ps4, pvp

warlock main, completionist, has all classes available


pc master race!, sherpa, trials, pvp, lock hunter titan, x3 on everything

oryx smasher, ps4 destiny raider, microphone hunter warlock titan, team player

warlock, voidwalker, hunter, bladedancer, ps4

black spindle, relic/spark runner, titan alt, hung jury op, storm caller, warlock