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All players and skill levels welcome! Looking to help some people out get the master presage clear

  • 09:30 PM GMT - WED 02/24
  • Xbox
  • nomission2small
  • Mic required
  • 3 Players / 3
  • 1 waitlist

Master version of Presage

  • 10:00 PM GMT - MON 02/22
  • Xbox
  • nomission2small
  • Mic required
  • 3 Players / 3
  • 1 reserve

Just clearing the last pinnacle of the week... Can run Alts too.

First time run for the Scout Rifle



pve, sherpa, raid

late night, parent, casual

Bald Assassin

pve, pvp, sherpa, profanity ok, raids

ps4, weekly challenges, warlock


i suck at jump puzzles, hunter, warlock, titan, elmo hoodie, ps4

ps4, titan, warlock, parent, hunter


strikes, ranking up, raids, profanity ok, raid rookie, parent


profanity ok, pve, raids, single parent, mic, pvp


raids, sherpa wannabe, pve then pvp, parent, sometimes sings into mic without realizing, gardening

Drummer Craig

chill, parent, pve, there should be a triumph for dying the most...