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equally inept in all subclasses, titan, hunter, warlock, parent, profanity encouraged, hilarity required


touch of malice, black spindle, easily amused, microphone, ps4, titan

parent, mic, pve, pvp


husband, profanity manditory, pve, sherpa - sorta, i'll show you how to die easy!, i like long walks on the beach, candle lit mcdonalds grub & the soothing sounds of metal to set the mood just right.:-d, khvostov 7g-02 a.r.


pve, titan, ps4, microphone

pvp, profanity ok, pve


pc master race!, sherpa, trials, pvp, lock hunter titan, x3 on everything


if it smell like cologne leave it alone, rough stuff ok, if it smells like fish eat all you wish, no crying, no profanity, tickle my anus until i crap in your hand


50+ wrath of machine hm completions, 175+ kings fall hm clears, sherpa, parent of 2 teenagers. please pray for me, no profanity, 50+ crota end hm completions