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Lets get it! Know what to do and have clears in D1.

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profanity ok, raid rookie, adult

Bad Evil Bunny

shoot things, nightfalls, raiding, chilled, play4fun, singing ok


" 'puter, i'm home!!! " "whats the password? " " iron man sucks!!! ", sherpa, pve, pvp

Crispy Marvel

400 warlock, 400 hunter, pvp, please leave me karma 👍, pve, profanity ok


mod, relic runner, swordbearer, sporadic playing times, weekly challenges, raider


xbox one, microphone, raider

titan, xbox one, weekly challenges, raid


parent, profanity ok, pepperoni pizza, microphone, hunters rule

Lt Traxler

parent, profanity ok, pve, raid rookie, pvp