I like having fun, while staying focused getting the job done. If you can do so while respecting others and yourself, we will get along fine.



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330+ hunter, titan, warlock, parent, profanity ok

no profanity, parent, college student, pve, pvp, sherpa

Charmful Queen

mic, sherpa, twitch.tv/lilchiipmunk, x3 364 hunters, crucible queen.

hunter, warlock, titan, parent

pve, profanity ok, titan, warlock, pvp, hunter

xbox one, raids, warlock, trials, weekly challenges, hunter

easygoing, fun, friendly, warlock, profanity ok, pve


hunter, warlock, titan, pve, parent, extremely chill

parent, pve, no profanity, mic

KateAstrophic x

canuck, sherpa, pve, pvp, raider, xbox one