Day 1 player from D1. Climbed the mountains, killed the gods, raided the lighthouse, revived the Traveler, and made the Queen’s toes curl. What else is there to say.



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xbox one, hunter, warlock, pve, raid challenges, nightfalls

austin tx, xbox one, warlock, microphone, web developer

titan, warlock, raider, hunter, microphone, parent

Scorpius SPKC

parent, profanity ok, just here to have a good time and relax!!! zero drama!!!!

titan, microphone, hunter, warlock, xbox one

hunter, pvp, pve, parent, profanity ok

sherpa, profanity ok, fun run raider, pve, microphone required, sporadic playing times


parent, warlock, titan, sherpa, hunter, pve


weekly challenges, microphone, warlock, titan, hunter., raider

microphone, titan, parent, sherpa