Have been gaming since I got a dodgy old "pong"- like console, back in the day! Moved on to a ZX80/81, Spectrum and a Commodore64 and started keying in my own games (remember the ones which were printed in magazines with all the bug fixes in the following week's issue?) ... Played lots of coin-op as well. In more recent times moved away from XB360 to my PS4 a few years ago having spent 5 years playing Gears of War (the original) exclusively in online Multiplayer (Warzone Player Matches). Now enjoying Destiny (The Taken King version - would not have been quite so enthusiastic with the game in year 1!) trying to push Light level higher. The Raids/PvP (yep, usually get smashed in PvP) look particularly interesting and fun and that means ... a Fireteam!

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