I just want to have fun! I don't Care if a RAID takes 10 hours as long as we can laugh about it. I will pick on you A LOT but as they say we only roast the ones we love! I am ONLY a titan. I can and have done everything in EVERY RAID. Want to learn how great hit me up. Want to just cry about how bad someone is , don't do it on my watch. Everyone has to learn! I have lead over 300 SHERPA runs so I know what I am doing. Looking for a RAID GROUP with people like me, well I have a INVITE ONLY RAID GROUP. Feel free to ask me about it, but it's invite only for a reason so don't get mad if I say "NO". Want to see your self on twitch? I am just starting my own channel. Feel free to follow. www.twitch.tv/LWIceMan I stream most RAIDS I do, if this is not okay please let me know and I will remove myself from your game. Thanks

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if i'm showing offline, invite me anyway - it's so friends don't drop in the raid party, two uppercase "eyes", raider, pve, pvp, titan

warlock, pve