I stream on Twitch.... RangerNationXBL.

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titan, warlock, orbs4dayz, xbox one, nightstalker, raider

warlock, microphone, hunter


raid rookie, parent, pve, xbox one, warlock

hunter, microphone, bladedancer, xbox one

fun comes first, xbox one, microphone, platformer of oryx/the sisters, gaze holder, aegis holder


3dog, raid, warlock, titan, pvp, pve

life is tough but master chief, link, solidsnake, leon kennedy, the chimp from super monkey ball they didnt give up & neither should you

relicrunner, platform jumper, titans are ok, gunslinger, #huntermasterrace, nightstalker

nbk Lord Lester

microphone, warlock, pvp, titan, raid, hunter


sherpa, weekly challenges, hunter, titan, pve, warlock