I'm running all three toons but cut me and I bleed hammers! I mostly stick to PvE but I'm always up for some PvP with a jolly team! I'm super patient and play to relax so don't be afraid to fail a bunch, and always feel free to join my fireteam if you want to learn something new!



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pve, kf, ce, vog, relic holder, sherpa

pve, sherpa, pvp, raider, iron banner, trials of osiris

not blessed with intelligence, i just get paid to draw all day, aspiring badman, jedi/sith haven't quite decided, pokemon master, sherpa, raider

medic, easily led, profanity ok, warlock


all characters, all classes, friend to atheon, relic runner, sherpa, raider, weekly challenges

dzpd, bacon good, beer, sherpa, profanity ok, hunter

pve, microphone, 34 warlock

hunter, pvp, microphone, raider, titan, sherpa

did i mention bad at platforming?, bad at platforming, xbox one, warlock, lots of void explosions

Mr Rook 7

expects profanity, uk, pve, raider