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terrible jumper, bubble maker, titan, expect to hear profanity

Blatant Lies

ps4, raider, microphone, xb1, titan, defender, striker, sunbreaker, stormcaller, voidwalker, sunslinger, nightstalker


all the cool weapons, chicks dig me, overall badass, epic raider, profanity ok

pve, profanity ok, raid rookie

xbox one, pvp, pve, hunter

Echo Halcyon#1612

weekly challenges, hunter, light level 300 (not 285)

Euroman Cometh

outbreak prime, black spindle, touch of malice, the stranglers, pvp, pve

touch of malice, black spindle, strikes, raids, nightfalls, lvl 40

parent, pve, pvp, voidwalker, warlock