That big red button you're not supposed to push. I push it.

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BIue Ox

tripletoon, pve, pvp, sherpa, xbox one, microphone

hunter, warlock, parent, raid, nightfall, titan


cc776 moderator, twitch streamer, army veteran, my hunter is sexy, warlock master race, network admin


king killer, swordbearer, kellbreaker, once killed a thrall, mr solo dolo, rule number one: don't die

Lukcy Basartd

adults only, casual, sherpa, pvp, ipa, profanity ok


stormcaller, sunsinger, profanity ok, voidwalker, xbox one


pvp, raid rookie, pve, profanity preferred

raid, pvp lag makes me mad but i still play, weekly challenges, microphone

The Porto 1

warlock/titan/hunter, raids, parent, microphone