All purpose helper, especially in PvE. I used to play Halo professionally, and it's kinda pushed me away from the PvP scene, although I will occasionally do so to complete activities. If you need help farming for gear/strikes/activities/etc, or need a competent helper in general, then I'm your guy. Have a bad habit of simultaneously playing the roles of offense and defender. The more you have me around, the more you can expect me to find creative ways to attempt to team-kill you during down time. It's nothing personal, it's just how I keep myself entertained. Otherwise you'll just see me wandering off and messing with random things in-game, such as putting Hive "eggs" in a pile.



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pve, pvp, hunter, titan, and warlock


weekly and nightfall, casual relaxed play style, raid rookie


xboxone, raider, pve, profanity ok, fallout76