Raid - Operation Dark Hours

Charlie Company 957

Lets do this

Mic required
No level required
8 Players / 8
4 reserves


Main 0d763fc0eec6d4f69fbd3563676ecc3b
gr1mmj0w6 Gr1mmj0w6 creator

pvp, parent, pve

Main grandiosekeenharpyeagle
PCD PlunderCat

parent, pve, college student

Main 592804

pvp, trial, titan, hunter, warlock, raid rookie

Default avatar
S8paceD2ust S8paceD2ust

Main sweet  merciful galvatron by eff five

parent, pve, profanity ok

Default avatar
SoMuchUrine SoMuchUrine

reserve players:

raiding, profanity ok, parent

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