Founded By: Tanik! at the Disco

Taniks at the Disco (TaTD) What's up Guys and Gals, come join TaTD, a chill relaxed clan that continuously looking for casual, new, grinding, and returning players. Never played with a clan? Well joining the right clan can provide a sense of community, people that may share the same amount of passion for the game as you. So come on down and give us a shot! We offer help on activities such as raids, dungeons, and events and we are always looking for people to fill out LFG rosters on end game content or help finish other stuff upon requests. We utilize the in server bot to schedule games, because let's face it, we all have other things to do like family, jobs, and other games. So, play a lot or play a little, it's your game and time. But if you are one that can play a lot and love to help people, come on down we need people like you as well. We are looking for members that: Want to join and help build the Clan. Again, play a lot or a little, we don't care as long as if commit to a game, you commit. Are not toxic and rude. Complaints are always going to be present, but don't be stupid or immature about it. We offer: Room to grow in our clan and community. My very hardest to help everyone as much as possible. Some good people to play with.

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