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Delta Company 425 Xbox One casual | members: 89 | activity score: 0

"The Celestial Nomads"

avg. age: 39   mics required
Europe - most members are London time zone.

Gamers from all walks of life. We primarily play PVE and have a core group that will help with end game activities for both raids and crucible. We are currently playing : DESTINY 2 & THE DIVISION 2

Note from group mod:

We are mainly a PVE focussed clan but there are quite a few of us who specialise in PVP and taking trips to the Lighthouse.

Please use the messages on the Delta 425 main page to post questions or ask for help with quests, raids etc. If you have yet to complete the raid let us know we have a team of sherpas who are on hand to help you kick some oryx ass. See you star side.

Daily Events

Story Mission / Crucible Playlist

Weekly Nightfall Strike

D425 Xbox Clan "The Celestial Nomads"

If you love the 425 and want to join our xbox clan please click the button and join the ranks of The Celestial Nomads

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Group Games:

Destiny 2
The Division 2
Borderlands 2

Group Moderators: (?)


Group Sherpas: (?)

DarkPenetrators, The Spoon Wolf, Gulo Gulo, crazykevin83, Rancid Insane, Grumpy One UK, x Urban Smurf x,

Upcoming Games

01:00 AM Adventures

Preventing auto kick

  • Thursday, 12/31 PST
  • Xbox One
  • Delta Company 425
  • No level required
  • Mic required
  • 4 Players / 3
  • 6 reserves

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