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Knackered Assassins Prime PS4 casual | members: 56 | activity score: 9

"Never wake a Knackered Assassin!"

avg. age: 32   mics required
Asia - most members are UTC time zone.

We are a casual group of players who usually play Weekday Mornings and Weekends UTC. Our average age is 32. Headsets/ Mics are strongly preferred. If that sounds like you, join us!

Note from group mod:

Knackered Assassins Prime is now on Discord!

To allow more diversity in chat, we have set up a Discord Server for the group. Please join us over there. A link to the server is contained under the Useful Links button above.

For those unaware of Discord, it is an app/website that allows multiple chat channels. It will also host voice chat for our Destiny 2 PC players when that time rolls around. Discord can be downloaded as an app on iOS and Android devices.

Iron Banner is back!

For the newer guardians among us, the Knackered Assassins tend to go a little PvP mad when Iron Banner rolls around. You'll see more PvP sessions but you'll also likely see them all full.

Fortunately, we have a "pop in and see" rule. If you've joined up to a session as a reserve and don't get an invite to it (or even if you haven't signed up), feel free to pop into the party and see who's there. If the group is full, they'll know to keep you in mind when someone inevitably drops out. They might even send you in the direction of another Knackered Assassin fireteam who aren't full.

We look forward to seeing everyone in the crucible!

Group Games:

Destiny 2

Group Moderators: (?)

Group Sherpas: (?)

tobiashieta, Caldweab15, RogueMattw, ColinDaShots, Pethrowed, Matt_Z__, DeadlyKid27, ITC Baskerville,

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05:30 AM Raid - Leviathan - Lair 1 - Normal

Saturday raiding again!

Game over

03:00 AM Strike - Nightfall - Prestige

Guess we should still try to play this game... for the emblem?

Game over

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