Raid - Eater of Worlds - Prestige

JJ's Crosstime Saloon

Priority to friends/JJ's members. We will have 1-3 open slots. We can sherpa up to 2 new players.

Mic required
No level required
5 Players / 6
2 reserves


play 10+ hours a week, pve, pvp, microphone required, casual, competitive

Default avatar
Wiglaf18 Wiglaf18

Main ce3s efusaadjzn

student, profanity ok, pve

HomieG03 HomieG03

titan, pve, profanity ok

reserve players:

profanity ok, pvp, raid rookie

Main 1fb252cf7961aada42ae26f1396b3d9d
Dragoslove Kumlekar creator

pve, no profanity, play 20+ hours a week, play 10+ hours a week, casual, committed

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