Menagerie - Heroic

Charlie Company 957

Running for Swords, AND Izanagi's Catalyst. Open to attempt flawless as well.

Mic required
Level 750 required
6 Players / 6


PSLegacy 76561197970202224 creator

pc, mic, pvp, titan/warlock/hunter, raider/weekly challenges

Main high adventure
Sawks 76561198149528758

oceania, profanity ok, sherpa

Main file
DgnAZ 76561198869990441

microphone, hunter, warlock, ps4

Main voltron
pneumii 76561198025122565

profanity ok, pve, seattle

Main destiny  cute lady warlock by thechrispman d7tb8u6
asianspidey#1771 76561198204725067

profanity ok, pve, pvp

djones80 76561197970564315

microphone, raider, xbox one, sherpa, titan

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