Raid - Scourge of the Past

Charlie Company 622

I have gotten to the 2nd phase of the boss but was unable to clear it. I’m hoping for my first clear.

Mic required
No level required
7 Players / 6
1 reserve


Main storm
JakobeHolmBoy20 creator

Main titan punch is love

hunter, warlock, microphone, titan

Default avatar
DemonSaintFish DemonSaintFish

profanity ok, pve, any class, pvp

Main image
Vongola_F_Seiei_ Vongola_F_Seiei_

raid junkie, pve, pvp, profanity ok

Main img 6444

pve, raid vet, chill, profanity ok, titan, hunter

Main avatar
Helios77G Helios77G

microphone, weekly challenges, raider, pve, profanity ok

reserve players:

Main rlogo
REDace0 REDace0

hunter, titan, pve, pvp, parent, warlock

Main file

sherpa, pvp, pve

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