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The Rogue Monarchy Xbox One casual | members: 101

"The best of the best of the best, sir"

avg. age: 36   mics required   parents
Americas - most members are Eastern Time (US & Canada) time zone.

A combination of the galaxy's strongest clans - The Rogue Monarchy is an elite Guardian clan created for off the books missions and assaults on the darkness. Specifically recruited by the Speaker, these protectors of the realm walk among The Rogue Delta and Monarchy Chaos in secret. They are the hidden Illuminati - the secret hand - the watchers - they are the Rogue Monarchy.

Note from group mod:

Welcome to The Rogue Monarchy

Join The Rogue Monarchy - Don't forget to set the group as your clan!

The Rogue Monarchy Spartan Company - We play Halo 5 too!


The Rogue Monarchy Podcast

Direct Link:

Click for Episode 08

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Rogue Monarchy YouTube channel

Cywolve XD's Twitch Channel

The Rogue Monarchy pathtags! Courtesy of Brimstone Golem
- If you would like a pathtag, email Brim @[email protected]
with your name and address!

Send Them Home Crying

A quick way to inspect the team that is about to beat you in Trials

Need Help?

Weekly Reset Thread

Strike Exclusive Gear (updated 9/22/16)

Glass Needles Reforge Guide

Guide to getting Outbreak Prime

Aksis DPS help

Aksis Phase 2: The Guide
--More Aksis Phase 2 help courtesy of @TheL1brarian

Rise of Iron Dead Ghosts

Let's respect other's time and ONLY sign up for things in which you will be an appropriate light level OR you have consent of the person that created the game. See the link above for ways to get your light up.

Group Games:

The Division
Grand Theft Auto 5
Halo 5: Guardians
Titanfall 2
Gears of War 4
Battlefield 1
Destiny 2

Group Moderators:

Cywolve XD
Omega Pep

Group Sherpas: (?)

TSM Charizard, Cywolve XD, Asima, RedxShadow23, HandsomePlane18, n0tw0rk,

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Upcoming Games

08:00 AM Destiny - Miscellaneous - 6 Person

This is for people who might not play that often but still want to be a part of the Rogue Monarchy! See inside for details.

  • Wednesday, 01/28 PST
  • Xbox One
  • The Rogue Monarchy
  • No level required
  • Mic required
  • 9 Players / 6
  • 33 reserves

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